My product management toolkit: Assess market viability

Whether you’re a product manager or are in a commercial or strategic role, I’m sure you’ll have to assess market viability at some point in your career. For that reason, I wrote previously about assessing markets, suggesting tools that you can use to decide on whether to enter a market or not. A few weeks […]

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Hoarding doesn’t work — Seth Godin

There’s a contradiction built into our instinct to hoard: the more we do it, the less we get. An idea shared is worth more than one kept hidden. Opportunities passed from one to another create connections which lead to more opportunities. Opened doors lead to forward motion. Winning doesn’t usually involve demolishing the opposition. Instead,…

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Consumer Centric Healthcare— AVC

As we think about how to modify the ACA (aka Obamacare) into something different (aka Trumpcare) I would encourage everyone involved to think about one central tenet – put the person/consumer/patient at the center of the system, not the employer, not the insurer, and not the doctor. I have written a few times about consumer…

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Almost no one

We may dream of the mass market, but the mass market doesn’t dream of us. Almost no one visits your restaurant, almost no one buys your bestselling book, almost no one watches the Tonight Show. Rare indeed is a market where everyone is active. We think we’re designing and selling to everyone, but that doesn’t…

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On carry-on bags

I know quite a few travelers who always travel with a carry-on bag, and I see even more during my trips. Whether the purpose is to save time at departure or arrival by not having to check-in and wait at the baggage claim, or to fight the fear of losing your stuff, you should know […]

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The Product Management Maturity Scale

Your product management maturity scale is defined by the extent to which your solutions mirror the business of your target customers. The stronger the alignment, the higher your score.

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What If The Narrative Is Wrong? — AVC

I always like to look for where conventional thinking might be wrong. I think you can find interesting investments that way. I was exchanging emails with a colleague yesterday about Twitter’s decision to get out of the developer tools business and I asked her if it was possible that the conventional wisdom about Twitter (it…

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