Making Consensus-based Product Decisions — Roman Pichler

Benefits and Limitations Deciding by consensus means that everyone required to make the decision agrees with it. Applied correctly, it results in a better decision and creates strong buy-in and shared ownership. It is particularly helpful when the stakes are high and you have to make a complex product decision, for example, if you should pivot,…

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When Computers Learn To Swear

Using machine learning for better online coversationsContinue reading on Jigsaw »

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Team Shapes – Simulating the challenges with component teams

A common pitfall for large and medium size organizations who are adopting Agile is to organize teams based on software component boundaries instead of feature teams. Some of the aspects of long term code ownership are more straightforward this way, but the negative consequences in terms of business agility and costs of coordination are huge.…

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Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends

Snapchat is the darling of technology: for years, we’ve fawned over the company for being innovative, using daring interfaces and out of the ordinary tactics to get people to pay it.

Despite the fact that the app was always what some would consider “hostile” to new users, full of design anti-patterns, it managed to gain a fledgling user base of 180 million monthly active users. It’s an impressive feat, and one that the company is about to IPO for $20 billion over, but I think the company’s reign is coming to an end.

Snapchat started as something completely foreign to us all: it was a camera that didn’t save anything — if you took a photo, and it was opened by someone else, it was gone forever. At the time, that was alien, but eventually, as we all grew weary of social media and burnt out on over-sharing, it caught on.

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Manifestos and Monopolies

It is certainly possible that, as per recent speculation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to run for President. It is also possible that Facebook is on the verge of failing “just like MySpace”. And while I’m here, it’s possible that UFOs exist. I doubt it, though. The reality is that Facebook is one of…

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The Robot Tax And Basic Income — AVC

In my work to prepare for the Future of Labor conversation we had at NewCo Shift a few weeks ago, I talked to a number of experts who are studying job losses due to automation and thinking about what might be done about it. Two ideas that came up a number of times were the…

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The Future of AI is in the Hands of Storytellers


Creative writers, journalists, and comedians should study the challenge of creating a great chat bot personality.Continue reading on Chatbots Magazine »

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