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How to deliver ideas that stick!

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a framework junkie. I look for frameworks I can apply to pretty much every area of my life and work. Below are some principles/framework I use for coming up for new product ideas adapted from the book: Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Other Die:

Principle 1 – Simple
Simplicity isn’t about dumbing down, it’s about prioritizing. What’s the core of your message? Can you communicate it with an analogy or high-concept pitch?

Principle 2 – Unexpected 
To get attention, violate a schema. To hold attention, use curiosity gaps. Before your audience has to want it.

Principle 3 – Concrete
To be concrete, use sensory language. Remember the Velero theory of memory – try to hook into multiple types of memory.

Principle 4 – Credible 
Ideas can get credibility from outside or from within, using human-scale statistics or vivid details. Let people “try before they.”

Principle 5 – Emotional
People care about people, not numbers. Don’t forget the WIIFY (What’s In It For You). But identity appeals can often trump self-interest.

Principle 6 – Stories 
Stories drive action through simulation (what to do) and inspiration (the motivation to do it).

Here’s a great summary of the book:


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