User Story Reflections

Users As its name suggests, a user story describes how a user or customer uses the product–a digital product is captured from the perspective of the users. This avoids a solution-centric view where we worry more about how to provide and implement the product features than why and how people will use them. Understanding who the users…

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All or something— DHH

You can win on your own terms even if you’re not all in.One of the most pervasive myths of startup life is that it has to be all consuming. That unless you can give your business all your thoughts and hours, you don’t deserve success. You are unworthy of the startup call.This myth neatly identifies those fit…

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Make believe problems

We focus on them and elevate them on our priority list. Sometimes, we invent a fake problem and give it great import and urgency as a way to take our focus and fear away from the thing that’s actually a threat. These fake problems have no apparent solution, but at least they give us something…

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Just the right amount of data — Seth Godin

The digital sign at the train station near my home could show me what time it is. It could tell us how many more minutes until the next train. Or it could announce if the train was running on time… Instead, it shows me today’s date. What am I supposed to do with that data? Or consider…

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On Value and Digital Minimalism — Cal Newport

The Complexities of Simple The core idea of digital minimalism is to be more intentional about technology in your life. Digital minimalists carefully curate these technologies to best support things they value. The idea sounds simple when presented at the high-level, but in practice it dissolves into complexities. One such complexity, which I want to explore here,…

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Shared reality, diverse opinions — Seth Godin

We’re not having a lot of trouble with the “diverse opinions” part. But they’re worthless without shared reality. At a chess tournament, when the newcomer tries to move his rook diagonally, it’s not permitted. “Hey, that’s just your opinion,” is not a useful response. Because, after all, chess is defined by the rules of the…

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Bash Your Day

For the past six months or so I’ve used a bash script to start my morning. The genesis of this idea was that I wanted to be more effective at prioritizing reviewing other peoples’ code and writing my own code. Assuming the number of hours one puts into work is fixed (because that is the […]

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