“Few understand that procrastination is our natural defense, letting things take care of themselves and exercise their antifragility; it results from some ecological or naturalistic wisdom, and is not always bad — at an existential level, it is my body rebelling against its entrapment. It is my soul fighting the Procrustean bed of modernity.” ~Nasim Taleb


New Headshot!

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“For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness” ~ Carl Sagan




How to build habit-forming products

In his book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products , Nir Eyal shows us the key characteristics of habit-forming digital products. Essentially, in order to gain unprompted user engagement and repeatedly bringing users back to use your product it needs to have to following four characters built in:

  1. Trigger
  2. Action
  3. Variable Reward
  4. Investment

In the following video Nir shows how successful tech companies have implemented this model into their own products:

Since I’m a huge fan of frameworks. I find the following canvas is great to keep in front you as you brainstorm features for you next or existing app:

Zain Abiddin Hooked Canvas
Hooked Canvas


Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids

On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to the rain

Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.

Don’t dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won’t last.

Do you run through each day

On the fly?

When you ask: How are you?

Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done,

do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores

running through your head?

You’d better slow down.

Don’t dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won’t last

Ever told your child,

We’ll do it tomorrow?

And in your haste,

Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,

Let a good friendship die

Cause you never had the time

To call and say, “Hi”?

You’d better slow down.

Don’t dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won’t last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,

It is like an unopened gift

thrown away.

Life is not a race.

Do take it slower.

Hear the music

Before the song is over.

– David L. Weatherford


The Hero’s Journey

In Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, the idea of what makes a hero has been examined through comparing myths and frameworks from different religions and belief. Here’s a video that does a pretty good job of explaining it:



BMW HackTheDrive

This past weekend I took part in a hackathon by BMW here in San Francisco. The goal of the hackathon was to come up with a consumer app that best utilizes the BMW i3 Car Data & various partner technologies. Our team came up with an app that uses data from your phone’s sensors and your car to give you a score based on your driving performance and incentivizes users on good driving using real life awards such as insurance discounts. Overall, it was an it was amazing experience and our team walked away with $10,000 for the best use of ZenDrive Technologies.