Guide to Online Research and Testing Tools

The success of every business depends on how the business will meet their customers’ needs. To do that, it is important to optimize your offer, the website, and your selling methods so your customer is satisfied. The fields of online marketing, conversion rate optimization, and user experience design have a wide range of online tools […]

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The PERFECT Agile Process

THE PERFECT agile process for new product innovation achieves two things: everyone is intimately involved in creating something for a well-known archetypical user and everyone has scientific certainty that the next engineering feat and market risk is a hypothesis that merits experimentation and discovery. Your agile process doesn’t do that? I’m not shocked. If you […]

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How to Validate the Problem Statement

Lean Startup Principles – Validate the Problem Statement Remember when I said that most companies waste money on mobile and that their smart presence makes them look dumber than when they started? Remember how I said that the Lean Canvas can be used for product roadmap and feature prioritization? Let’s dig in to how I’m […]

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The problem with MVP

The long tail of users dissatisfied with “MVP” will grow, and lead to unbundling of both products and business models. The on-demand economy has spoiled us. We press a button, and an Uber shows up. Pizza (ordered over an Apple Watch, no less) needs to be delivered within 15 minutes and arrive hot […]

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Mobile Matures and Consolidates

comScore released its annual US mobile app report yesterday. The data comes from a large mobile panel of US smartphone users that comScore maintains. The story is one of maturity and consolidation, themes we have visited a lot on AVC in the last few years. This is the most interesting slide in my view: If…

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A value creation checklist

This project you’re working on, the new business or offering, what sort of value does it create? Who is it for? What mindset and worldview and situation? Is it paid for by organizations or individuals? Does it solve a new problem or is it another/better solution to an old problem? Will a few users pay…

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The Curse of Knowledge

“Uh, it’s off Airport Road. You should be able to get there from Umstead. I think or, or maybe go up to Estes?”I paused again. I was confusing the person asking me for directions more than I was confusing myself.What was the matter with me?I grew up in Chapel Hill and went to college there. I lived there…

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