The best way to stand for something

The best way to build a brand that matters, a story that spreads, an impact that we remember, is to understand a simple but painful trade-off: If you want to stand for something, You can’t stand for everything. “Anyone can be our customer and we will get you what you want…” is almost impossible to…

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Jeff Lawson on Having Conviction

I came across this talk by Jeff Lawson, Founder/CEO of our portfolio company Twilio. It is about having conviction and not relying completely on things like A/B testing to make decisions. It’s very good (and only 18 mins long).

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Urgency — AVC

One of the things I often press for in my role as a board member and investor is a greater “sense of urgency” in our portfolio companies. The founders and CEOs, it turns out, are hungry for that even more than I am. It is a collective frustration. So when I hear a suggestion on…

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How Google Is Challenging AWS — Stratechery

Big companies are often criticized for having “missed” the future — from the comfortable perch of a present where said future has come to pass, of course — but while the future is still the future incumbents are first more often than not. Probably the best example is Microsoft: the company didn’t “miss mobile” —…

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The FLASH drives — Seth Godin

Fear, loneliness, anger, shame & hunger. They drive us. They divide us. They take us away from our work, our mission, our ability to make a difference. And yet, sometimes, they fuel our motion, leading to growth and connection. When a variety of FLASH shows up, it almost never calls itself by name. Instead, it…

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How to Push

If you are a team leader or parent, do you have the experience of pushing your team member or kid to do a task? In traditional Chinese culture, there is a proverb: “You can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.” The first thing, you should identify if it is an attitude problem. […]

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The Ramp Down to Real — Ryan Singer

On feature bloat, lack of focus, and what to do about it.We’re working on a series of “How To” videos here at Basecamp. I was prototyping the first video of the series when I ran into a familiar design problem. The video was twice as long as it should be and the whole thing felt disorganized.…

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