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The HoloLense Experience

“We’re making a long-term bet that immersive, virtual and augmented reality will become a part of people’s daily life.” – Marc Zuckerburg

This past week I had the opportunity to try out the HoloLense at Microsoft Build in San Francisco. I was overall impressed by the experience. Having also experience the Oculus Rift, I found the HoloLense to have way more practical use cases other than gaming and entertainment. As with any new technology, the HoloLense still has a long way to go to be ready for the mass consumer market but it’s great to see Microsoft thinking ahead and innovating towards the next platform after mobile.

Zain Abiddin Hololense at Microsoft Build
Zain Abiddin tries out the Hololense at Microsoft Build

The following video goes deeper into some of the possibilities of Hololense:


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Zain Abiddin is an Entrepreneur & Product Manager. He is the founder and Product Manager of Chillik Media, a design led software agency based in San Francisco.

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