VR Hasn’t Really Arrived Yet


tumblr_olzgw8Uxdo1r40fhzo1_1280And it might never, unless you’re a hardcore gamer.

In my previous post VR & The Great Unbundling, I wrote how VR threatens the last bastion of TV, namely escapism through immersion in a virtual world. I added onto Ben Thompson’s analysis and suggested that VR has the potential to do what Google, Youtube, and Netflix have done to dethrone TV in the realms of information, education, and story-telling, respectively.

But all of that is speculating on its potential. Last week, news broke that Facebook was closing around 200 of its Oculus Rift demo stations in Best Buys across the US. These pop-up stations allowed customers to experience VR for free, but Best Buy reported that they would go days without anyone requesting a demo.


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