We’ve Mastered the Screen, What’s Next?

I feel the designer’s role has changed in recent years from one of creating beautiful forms or clear identification for brands, to one where the designer visualizes and awakens the hidden possibilities of an industry.

– Kenya Hara, Muji Design Director

I grew up in the 80s and 90s watching personal computers become the first technological platform to disrupt a society within a person’s lifespan. Like most people at that time, I had no idea what a big deal this was. Slow internet or no internet connection, I was still hooked.

Once computers took root in our daily lives, mobile phones became the second era of computing. These new pocket-sized supercomputers let us watch puppy videos anytime and anywhere – what could be better!

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Zain Abiddin is an Entrepreneur & Product Manager. He is the founder and Product Manager of Chillik Media, a design led software agency based in San Francisco.

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